Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup Services

Biohazards are chemical or biological substances that are dangerous to not only the environment but to humans and animals as well. Biohazard situations can result from trauma including unattended deaths, suicides, and crime scenes, as well as biohazard hoarding scenes.

Total Restoration Services has a team of skilled, certified and empathetic technicians that are professionally trained to handle all biohazard cleaning resulting from any situation at hand.

Loss of life biohazard situations must be handled with the utmost discretion, sensitivity and expert training as well as each individual on scene having already obtained New York Certifications. Incidents such as crime scenes, suicides and other biohazards involve removing and disposing of blood, tissue and other materials that can pose severe health risks to those handling them as well as those nearby. We provide the expertise necessary to clean, disinfect and decontaminate trauma/biohazard circumstances properly and efficiently. When on scene and handling these biohazard materials, every bag removed from the affected area must be recorded and removed from the scene, properly transported to the Total Restoration Services warehouse and removed from there by a 3rd part vendor, all of which TRS provides so that the parties affected by the traumatic incident can focus on other priorities.

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Total Restoration Services also provides services such as disposal of animal waste and human feces, whether it be from a large or small apartment complex or a residential hoarding situation. Hoarding scenes can become a large and hazardous project if not handled properly before it becomes unlivable. Total Restoration Services is ready to respond and properly provide a full pack out followed by a thorough cleaning, disinfecting and decontamination of any hazardous hoarding scene. Our work is performed by professional biohazard cleanup specialists who follow strict industry and state issued guidelines and protocols.

The TRS team has been educated in specialized processes either by Total Restoration Services, through Trauma/Bio-Recovery Certification Training, or through the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS). This enables each team member to be able to complete all necessary work scientifically and thoroughly, using state-of-the-art procedures and equipment. Each team member of Total Restoration Services is certified and has completed classes on how to properly handle such emotional, stressful situations while ensuring they focus on following proper protocol of biohazard removal.

Biohazard Cleanup Services Include:

  • Unattended Decomposition
  • Homicide or Suicide Clean Up Services
  • Crime Scene Clean Up Services
  • Trauma Scene Clean Up Services
  • Biohazard Clean Up Services
  • Industrial or Home Accidents
  • Animal Remains or Waste
  • Hoarding Scene Cleanings
  • Decontamination and Disinfecting

Total Restoration Services is excited to announce two of our newest pieces of equipment. We now utilize the Esporta IS4000 Washing System and the Fireline Ultrasonic System. The Esporta Wash System is a top competitor in washing and restoring soft contents, such as clothes, bedding, linens, leathers, shoes, hats, sporting equipment, and purses etc. The Fireline Ultrasonic System will take the most damaged hard contents such as heirlooms, crystal, dishes, and silver etc. and restore them to brand new and like new. This is achieved by using top of the line, high quality ultrasonic waves and a state of the art drying system!

Esporta Machine

Other Services

Fire Restoration

Water Restoration

Mold Remediation

Emergency Board-Up & Enclosure

Hoard/Full Pack Out Services

Full Construction Services

Customer Testimonials

I wanted to take a minute and recognize Ryan and Jessie for the work they completed this weekend. First and foremost they're attention to safety, e.g. PPE and their prep work to safely operate the scissor lift. They were able to work through some challenging obstacles to complete the task at hand. TRS is extremely fortunate to have these two young men.

Rite Aid Warehouse

Liverpool, NY

I want to thank Chris and his team for helping The Cheesecake Factory reopen quickly. Great communication and workmanship. Thank you for dropping everything and getting us back in business.

The Cheesecake Factory

Destiny USA Mall

Total Restoration Services came to my water emergency when my hot water tank exploded and they were prompt and compassionate. They really took the headache out of dealing with my property damage, which turned out to be a lot and for that I am grateful!

Cynthia P.

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